4 Things Social Media Marketers Need To Know

1. The reasons why people share content online

Have you ever thought about why you share the social media content that you do? The New York Times conducted an extensive study to find out. They found five key reasons why people share content online:

  • To improve the lives of others. Almost all participants (94 percent) said they share because they feel the content will improve the lives of their audience. As a marketer, it’s important to create helpful content that will do something to make your audience (and their audience’s) lives better.
  • To define themselves. Two in three participants (68 percent) reported sharing content in order to create an “idealized online persona” of themselves. When you create content, consider whether it will be something that fits with your audience’s interests—and whether they will be proud to share it.
  • To grow and nourish relationships. Four out of five participants said they share online content as a means of staying connected with others. Consider ways your content can be used to foster connections between others. Ask your audience to tag other users in the comments or encourage sharing with a compelling CTA (ie. “Share this recipe video with the best cook you know for a chance to win this new cook set!”)
  • Self-fulfillment. Everyone likes getting positive feedback and feeling valuable. The study found that “consumers enjoy content more when they share it, and that they enjoy content more when it is shared with them.” Create informative content to help your audience achieve this feeling on the regular.
  • To get the word out about causes they believe in. Four out of five (84 percent) participants say the “share information as a way to support causes or brands they care about.” Think about which causes your brand cares about and create content that supports these causes.

These five key motivations clearly show that your audience’s main reasons for sharing are their relationships with other people—not your brand. Keep this in mind as you continue creating and sharing audience-focused content.

2. The right (or wrong) color can change audience behavior

You might not consider color an important part of your social media strategy, but the psychology behind it proves it’s worth careful consideration. According to the study Marketing, “People make up their minds within 90 seconds of their initial interactions with either people or products. About 62 to 90 percent of the assessment is based on colors alone.”

But it isn’t so much about the color itself as it is about whether the color suits your brand and product. As Entrepreneur explains, “nearly academic on colors and branding will tell you that it’s far more important for your brand’s colors to support the personality you want to portray instead of trying to align with stereotypical color associations.”

To make strategic color decisions when it comes to your social media content, consider how your color choices fit with your brand voice. What message do you want to send, and what colors can help in that regard?  While there are common associations with certain colors (such as green for ‘go,’ yellow meaning ‘happy,’ etc.) context is key.


Continue reading the full article: Hootsuite


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