Is Branding About Being Bold? [Media Marketing]

is IT?

No doubt social media has opened up a new set of opportunities for those who are willing to excel in the social media fields. However opportunities don’t come alone. It comes with threats and challenge.

  • Learn the Whyss

No one is willing to stick with you unless you have the thirst for learning on a regular basis. The bitter truth is that your audience wants an explanation. They are always asking them question whether it’s worthy or not, whether it’s yes or no. You need to figure out a way that best answer all their questions. We all love explanation! You may watch the video by Vsauce, Michael Stevens, he  masterfully explained Why we keep on Why Whying.



  • Understanding brand

Understanding brand is like understanding what you are going to do. I remember one of clients who wanted to build her brand in a way that is sustainable and doesn’t require a lot of bragging to do before she could make them purchase her offerings. Selling is the ultimate goal you will find under any client or tasks. How to sale? it’s obviously the question of all time. You might end up searching google, watching YouTube videos and learning from various websites on how you could sale products. But trust me, they are not as easy as it might sound. So what can you do to sale the service or product?

Can you sale me the pen?

The question doesn’t really ask you to sale a pen to someone but it questions how well you can pursue someone to your desired goal. It’s a good question to ask yourself before you engage with your audience. Read How to understand human psychology

  • Understanding your audience

There’s a saying “Consumer is the king“. That’s right! Consumers are the ultimate führer. and the truth is that there is no easy way to build a relationship with your audience. You need to engage them on a regular basis, make sure you understand them, make sure you are proving them values, make sure you have a content that improves the lifestyle and add values. Or why would they even care about you? It’s a give and take relationship. Please Correct me in comment if you think I am being extra serious.

  • Content Management

Niche market analysis and your competitors are vitals. I put extra emphasis on your competitors. But before you proceed, you need to understand how selective you have to be in order to find your best competitors. Finding a potential competitor or influence is a half work done. Observe how they do it, when they do it, how often they do it, and their content mix. Your influences might be bold in delivering their content. Note that to your advantage. Do you want to go that bold? would it sound bossy since you don’t have a huge audience base? Once the research is done, get to work! Craft your own content and start feeding your audience.

Once your audience start visiting your website, you may focus on fine tuning your content. The secret ingredient is again your audience. You need to know them more in order to pursue them in a way that benefits both. You need to see how they see your brand. One of the finest way of understanding the behavior of your audience is to take a look at how they surf your website, why they click much on a certain point, why they mostly exit after 25% screen scrolling. Hotjar enables you to do this in style.

  • Tone of Voice

How you talk with your audience is as important as your brand. You don’t want to sound too bold, aggressive or alien. In order to establish a excellent tone of voice, you again need to understand the market. There are some proven ways of dragging audiences’ attention. You may start off using strong Verbs at the beginning of your content. Include relevant Call To Action (CTA) to it. Understanding your content will give you the upper hand of course. A List with 99 Strong Verbs to Make Your Content Pop, Fizz, and Sparkle

Creating a Content Strategy for Social Media | Academy – Hootsuite

  • When to engage

One of the trickiest questions you may come by as a brand promoter is “Posting Time”. You may solve this by asking yourself some simple questions as in Are your audience sleeping now? Should you target lunch time? or is morning a good idea? You can look into the analytics and note down when your current audience engage the best. Observe the posting time of your competitors and influencers. Note down all the findings to a diary and feel free to compare them. Keeping a close eye on audiences’ demographics is a plus. If you have a US audience base, learn US time. If you have Asian audience base, learn Asian time.

  • Consistency is the key

Recognition does’t come in a day. It’s often depressing when you are doing everything right yet missing out. Let’s admit and move on. According to a recent survey People mostly use social media to stay in touch.

Slide 1

mostly come to check out news or stay informed about the latest. Yes, there are also audience who surf social media to find products of their need. But you cant simply wait for them to come to you. Keeping in mind that general audience mostly come to read news, it’s necessary you develop a continuous flow of values to them. The bitter truth is that your audience don’t care what you do until you do the exact thing to catch their attention. So stay put! Give them what they want. It’s hard to tell what exactly they  want. Keep working!


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