The UK’s top 10 most popular lifestyle brands on Instagram

Instagram is no longer just a place for celebrity selfies and FOMO-inducing travel snaps.

Now with 500m monthly active users, it offers an unbeatable marketing opportunity for brands of all kinds.

With the recent announcement that Instagram is testing a new ecommerce feature, the potential opportunities for retailers could skyrocket even futher.

So, who is dominating at the moment?

Recent data from Iconosquare has uncovered the most influential UK lifestyle brands on Instagram.

Based on the number of followers – here’s the countdown from 10 to 1.

10. Land Rover – 1.8m followers

Combining luxury and adventure, Land Rover’s Instagram feed is a dream for 4×4 enthusiasts (and fans of stunning horizons).

Its posts usually promote Land Rover’s off-road credentials, with its models photographed driving through various tough terrains and beautiful landscapes.

Its most notable Instagram campaign to date has been #Hibernot – a series promoting Land Rover’s expertise at designing cars for adverse weather conditions.

While you might assume it to be for a niche audience, the eye-catching photography will appeal to most.

9. Rolls Royce – 2.2m followers

Another car brand with an even bigger focus on luxury – Rolls Royce’s Instagram feels like a brochure in its own right.

Focusing on the visual fluidity of its feed, it usually posts series of images relating to a particular theme or colour scheme.

It also uses unashamedly extravagant and indulgent language to mirror the brand’s high-end appeal.

While phrases like ‘mystic allure’ might sound jarring on Twitter or Facebook, the brand cleverly recognises that Instagram users might be more receptive to this approach.


Read the full article at Econsultancy


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