Digitalize Your Concept – Earn Online

First of all, There’s no easy way to earn online. Once you agree with it, you are ready to proceed.

ok here’s the step by step guide to improve your personal brand, I mean, prepare to sell yourself online.

Step 1

Open an account under any of the top mediator group and improve it on a daily basis i.e. Upwork (make sure all the info. are true to your knowledge and not fake in any way). Few vitals are:

  • Decide which sector you love to work with.. not just like but you absolutely LOVE. Hence, you have to come up with your designation
  • Meantime develop an extensive knowledge on that sector (take help from google and youtube) Everything you need is there ! You just have to learn how to best search web.
  • Don’t rush with your Upwork profile. There are many who fills out basics and go for submitting their profile for verification. Don’t do it! They will reject your profile right away. Develop a time framework.

Step 2

As soon as you get your profile verified by Upwork, start applying to your preferred jobs. It’s understandable that you won’t be having all the necessary skills required for a particular job in the beginning. Don’t worry!! Keep applying and keep the energy to learn every single day – I call internet a dynamic environment. You got to have the attitude of learning every single second.

Step 3

Once you start getting response, you will find it amazing. Yes ! it’s amazing when all your hard work pay off. Note that your profile is very vital. It’s like you are in a classroom and everyone is ready to pick on you and shatter your confidence. It’s a competitive world darling and life is a warfield.


  • Don’t copy people – you can take idea and build your own that’s the best way to stay genuine
  • Build a remarkable personal brand which sells no matter we are in war or drought. Note that if you want to be successful online, you have to work with successful clients who understand the bits and bytes.


  • The above steps can depress you because you won’t get to see the fruit right away. Like i said, develop a feasible time framework. Invest in yourself accordingly.
  • Once you craftify yourself with upwork, it will enable you to figure out all the possible ways of earning i.e. affiliate marketing, e-commerce business etc. Let me tell you something, the earning online means developing and working on a System on a daily basis. The best part is you can develop your own business once you know how a System works.

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