Weird Inventions That You Won’t Believe Exist

Creating something new in this day and age is pretty impressive. But sometimes that means that innovators have to invent some pretty unique things to stand out. Here are the strangest inventions that actually exist.

1. Hug me Pillow


Also known as the boyfriend pillow, the hug me pillow is not only strange, but it’s actually pretty creepy considering it’s an arm and also a chest and a torso. But if you’re a single woman who is missing cuddle time with a man, then this pillow should definitely be on the top of your wish list.

2. Dogbrella


If you have to walk your dog in the rain, you might be thinking that it’s not fair for your dog to have to get wet. Despite having fur and being environmentally conditioned to deal with a variety of weather elements, there is a way to keep fido dry while going out for a walk. The Dogbrella covers your dog in a nice, dry little cocoon that is connected through the leash.

3. Tomaton


Tomaton is a tomato-feeding robot that is worn like a backpack on your shoulders. The idea behind this strange invention is giving people a way to eat while on the go, especially while running when they need nutrition and sustenance the most. The robot has a tomato-shaped head with circular arms that feed its wearer small tomatoes at specific intervals.

4. The Fliz


Designed by German designers Tom Hambrock and Jurispetter, this bike is powered by feet. But aren’t bikes already powered by feet, you ask? Well, this bike is a bit different. There are no pedals on this bike, and the rider is suspended at the top. The rider moves their legs as fast as they can manage, and then rest their feet on the back wheels while still steering in the front.

Read the full article: singleroom


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