The Wife Who Turned Detective To Catch Her Cheating Husband

Former Blue Peter presenter Anthea Turner shared with the Daily Mail how she caught her husband cheating in the hope that it will help others:

Jetting off to spend the New Year in Mauritius at the end of 2012, I could not have been more deliriously happy. I was with the man I loved, my husband Grant Bovey, just the two of us on a romantic break at the hotel where we’d got engaged 12 years before.

Yes, we’d had our troubles. What couple hasn’t? But when we stepped out on to the balcony where he had proposed, we spoke about renewing our vows and I allowed myself to believe we were going to grow old together.

Oh, how wrong I was.

It was when we got back to Britain, and I began filming for the TV show Dancing On Ice, that I sensed something wasn’t right.

Grant’s pattern of behavior began to change.

I did an interview to help promote the show, saying how ecstatic I was to have my marriage back on track, and how happy Grant and I were.

Instead of sharing my happiness, he went ballistic, ranting and raving about discussing our private life. I couldn’t understand where all this anger had come from.

I had my suspicions, but were they justified – or plain paranoia? There was only one way to find out. It was time to turn detective.

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