A Warm Welcome: Japanese Beauty Brand Shiro Opens London Store

‘It is a competitive market,’ says Hiroe Imai, the founder of Japanese beauty brand Shiro, when asked why she chose London as the destination for Shiro’s first store outside of Japan. On the surface, expanding into a city that’s hardly short of luxury skin-care shops might seem like a risky venture, but when said business comes with a distinct Japanese heritage and 22 stores to its name, Imai’s conviction carries considerable weight.

Visitors to the Shiro store on King’s Road can expect an extensive skin-care and fragrance range, comprised of natural ingredients that have been expertly sourced and sampled from Japan for their rich cleansing properties. Herein, the most frequently-used ingredient is kombu, a type of seaweed commonly used as a cooking ingredient in Japan. Its high viscosity and moisture content forms the foundation of the skin-care range.


London’s King’s Road is the site of Shiro’s first store outside Japan

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