The Biggest mistake Wannabe Instagrammers are making, according to Top Blogger Milkywaysblueyes

When Claire Marnette started out as a blogger, mostly her friends and her family followed the 18-year-old’s posts about fashion and style on Milkywaysblueyes.

Now, aged just 22, the Belgian law student has over 100,000 followers on her Instagram, over 25,000 likes on Facebook, and was once invited to meet Ed Sheeran. (She couldn’t go because she was sick).

“When I reached 10,000 followers I started to be taken seriously by other bloggers and brands. Since then it has grown really fast,” she tells The Independent.

A simple snap of Marnette sipping coffee in her hometown of Brussels, or posing on an airplane in a baseball cap, or sitting on a wall will attract thousands of like and reams of adoring comments. “Always perfect!” reads one comment from a photo of Marnette in Madrid.

Recently she was called on by Cartier to work on a project, after being contacted by brands including Yves Saint Laurent. Last week, she was flown out to Japan by Finn Air.

“I started blogging four years ago,” Marnette says. “Before blogging I was managing some forums about fashion and lifestyle. While I was doing my exams I wanted to do something new beside my forums and so I created Milkywaysblueyes.”

Continue reading the full article at Independent


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