Sparkle up your house with fresh Easter lilies

by The Statesman

It’s Easter time. This Sunday, as Christians across the world celebrate Easter Sunday – the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the death, what’s your celebration plan?

While you are set with colourful Easter eggs and cakes cakes, you can also freshen up your home during this festive time. You can beautify your house and celebrate Easter in a truly spiritual and meaningful manner.

Go out and bring home some fresh white Easter lilies – Lilium longiflorum. If you have them growing in your garden, you are the lucky one. If not, you can shop or place online order from the florists or pick them up on the way.

Place a single stem or a huge bunch of the white lilies in a big tall vase in the house. It will not only beautify but freshen up the house too. You won’t need a room freshener as its sweet fragrance will fill the house and make you come alive with fresh thought of a new life, a new beginning.

The spiritual significance of Easter Lily

The name, Easter Lily, itself implies spiritual significance. Christians sings of Jesus as the “Lily of the Valley” in hymns. And hence, the lily is associated with the resurrection of Jesus Christ who was put to death by the Romans on a Friday – Good Friday. Christians believe that God sent His son Jesus Christ to die and save the world from sins.

Hence, it symbolises pure selfless love and sacrifice – the love of God for the people. “For God so loved the world that He gave his only begotten son” to die for the world and save the people from sins, according to The Bible.

Easter Lily signifies the beauty of repentance from sins and forgiveness of wrong doings that leads to new beginning and a new life of purity.

It also signifies happiness, new hope and reason to live because He (Jesus Christ) lives.

The white lilies stands for graceful dignity and peace, a sign of glorious victory over the sting of death.

So, go ahead and decorate your house with white lilium this Easter and feel the joy and blissful freshness of the day. Spread the joy of a new beginning.


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