Tips for Airplane Travel with Kids


Author: mamapreneurlife

If you don’t already know, I am originally from the east coast, Connecticut to be exact and the majority of my family lives there.  It was so cool living 2500 miles away from your family when you are 21 and living the single life, but when you have kids, you want them to be a part of your family’s lives too.

I have made it a commitment to myself and my children to travel to see their grandparents and cousins on my side of the family on a regular basis.  That meant a coast to coast 5.5 hour flight, or more depending on stops.  We are usually flying solo while the hubby is busy working, so it’s a commitment, but totally do able.   My daughter has been traveling since she was 3 months old, and is very seasoned.  In her 5 years she has taken about 20 round-trip plane rides.  Travel with one child?  Easy breezy.

Cue the second baby, he was easy on the plane as an infant, but now approaching 15 months and it is the real deal.  My recent trip east was my first real “2 kid” trip and I survived, not only did I survive, but we had an amazing time.  We even did a little 3 days in Boston and rocked that city, just the 3 of us!  Oh and did I mention I brought our 5 pound chihuahua (Tinkerbell) too?  Crazy I know, but she is my daughter’s appendage, I couldn’t say no this time.

Here are my 8 tips for airplane travel with kids

  1. Snacks on Snacks, on Snacks: Kids dig snacks, we all know this.  Let them be apart of the snack selections and make them as healthy as possible.  The last thing you want is a sugar-high toddler on that airplane. I chose trail mix, apples, Lara Bars, Pirates Booty, cheese sticks, and some baby squeeze pouches.
  2. Headphones,movies, and smaller electronics for older kids: iPads, or any device that plays a movie is key.  If you are flying Jet Blue, keep in mind that they have TVs in each seat and they play great kids movies, for $5, so if you don’t feel like bringing the electronics, they have you covered.  I recently picked these up on our last trip from Kidz Safe.  I like them because the wire is detachable from the headphone part.  I have had countless headphones ruined because my daughter is too rough with them and pulls the attachment to the headpiece out.  They also have a bunch of stickers to customize the headphones with, which kept my girl busy for about 20 minutes.

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