Top 11 Instagram Accounts Leading Their Industries

One of the most fascinating things about Instagram is that the cream always rises to the top. Everyone is looking for the next account to inspire them, entertain them or teach them something new, and yesterday’s popular influencer can quickly be replaced by tomorrow’s powerful voice. It’s an endless game of attention, and the eyeballs go to the accounts providing their audience members with the most value–every single day.

If you are looking for some new accounts to follow on Instagram, look no further. Each one of the following influential accounts have carved out a niche for themselves by working hard to share something valuable, helpful, motivational or unique with their audience. These accounts are not specific to any one category, but rather show the breadth of opportunity on platforms like Instagram for aspiring influencers to build a loyal following.

1. @andyfrisella

Quite possibly the only voice more passionate in the entrepreneurship space than Gary Vaynerchuk, Andy Frisella is the CEO of a portfolio of companies totaling over $100M in revenue, one of which being the nutrition powerhouse brand, 1st Phorm International. It’s his personal brand and podcast, The MFCEO Project, and his relentless passion for entrepreneurship that has landed Frisella’s name amongst other top-tier business thought leaders and motivational speakers. Frisella’s core message? If you say you want success, you’ll never get it. Stop talking and start working.

2. @bigmike

Crowned the “Dan Bilzerian” of the cannabis world, Big Mike is the CEO of Advanced Nutrients, a plant nutrition company intended for growers that rakes in over $90M a year. But Big Mike’s vision for the budding market is his most impressive quality, helping him accomplish over 50 industry firsts and establish himself as a leading voice. Boasting over one-million followers on Instagram, Big Mike combines his lavish lifestyle with business motivation.

3. @juliusdein

How do you make a video go viral? Ask the guy who has made too many viral videos to count. With over a billion (yes, with a B) views under his belt, it’s safe to say millennial Julius Dein has found a video formula that works: combine his love for magic tricks with candid videos of people’s reactions out in the real world.

4. @fashionnova

If there’s one industry that comes with a huge amount of risk, it’s fashion. To build a profitable fashion business is extremely difficult, but digital-savvy brand Fashion Nova has effortlessly positioned themselves in the market by targeting an extremely specific audience: trendy young females that want to wear what celebrities wear, without spending a fortune. With over 6.8M followers on Instagram and daily outfit ideas for young fashionistas, this is one clothing brand to watch closely.

5. @travel

In the same way people wish they had bought simple but blindingly obvious domain names back in the early days of the Internet, the same is happening now with social media handles. @Travel capitalized early, and has since built a beautifully curated page of some of the world’s most stunning travel destinations. Looking for ideas for your next vacation? This is a good place to start.

6. @influencive

How do you turn yourself into a thought leader and build real influence for yourself? If you’re not following the online publication Influencive, you’re missing out on an extremely valuable resource. In a world where having a personal brand has become the single most valuable thing an aspiring entrepreneur could have, this Instagram account does everything from share powerful messages focused on personal and business growth, to let you follow around Inc. 500 entrepreneur, @briandevans, via Instagram Stories as he gathers insight from the world’s top thought leaders and big brands.

Explore the full list at FORBES


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